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Tirunamavalai and its architecture

Indian Houses

inspired by

Ettore Sottsass


This is how Vincent Leroux, French photographer, found this unexpected outrageous architecture in Tirunamavalai, a city in the south of India. Colourful houses, from the 40´s, built and designed by its owners that remind us of the Italian architect Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis group founded in 1980.

There are no qualms about mixing styles: freedom, consumerism , conservatism, immediate contributions from other places and possible experimentation with colours and materials, showing the wealth of the family and the range of colours of India.
It may be that the way of thinking in Tirunamavalai allows its residents not having to choose between one time and another, authorising even the strangest cohabitation. But, if the multicoloured façades of the houses of Turinamavalai are a pure aesthetic provocation, their interior organisation is without doubt, a very traditional way of life, cohabiting without any conflict.

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